Our unique approach to building an understanding of each person’s unique abilities, skills, and interests comes from the analysis of data collected while individuals play games they will truly enjoy! Over time the data collected will provide valuable research in the best way to educate, develop children, and their interests!

Identifor Gamers will be able to view how their game playing rates against their peers. They’ll also be able to discover areas that truly intrigue them and what areas they excel in! Self-assessments can be done if a child would like to do that!

Dashboard (Custom) (2)

Our parents and educators will have a “dashboard view” of their child/children which will provide the ability for a 360° assessment of the child. This assessment will allow parents to contribute observations about the child, for caregivers and educators invited by parents, to do the same, and for the child to provide his/her own input if possible or appropriate. We will correlate these inputs with data from the game, to give a comprehensive picture of an individual’s abilities, skills and interests. This combined information will help parents and educators assist their children with “career-pathing” in an area that is truly appealing to their child!