Abby captureAbby is an avatar that uses artificial intelligence, natural language, and speech recognition to engage Identifor Gamers. Abby can be used across multiple channels and mobile devices. Simply put, Abby listens and responds to Identifor Gamers. Specifically, Abby coaches, educates, monitors, and reminds. GetAbby is based on patented technology and has been successfully deployed by major companies across multiple industries.


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Identifor, Inc. and Identifor Foundation

Two separate but complementary organizations are working to help identify an individual’s abilities, skills and interests through data analytic and games.

Identifor, Inc. created the data analytic and artificial intelligence platform that enables an innovative approach to understanding an individual’s abilities, skills and interests.

Identifor Foundation is a companion organization in the process of receiving its 501(c)(3) non-profit status and is dedicated to leveraging the technology platform to help the special needs community.  Identifor Foundation creates new games and tools to support individuals with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other special needs.  Identifor Foundation licenses these games and tools to Identifor, Inc. and ensures free-access to game reports for parents of children with special needs.

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